Clamshell Boxes and Burger Boxes

A burger served in a compostable cardboard box with tomato sauce, and hot chips  Person eating lunch with wooden cutlery out of a sugarcane clamshell food container   

Sugercane Clamshell Boxes

Bagasse is a rapidly renewable resource, is resilient, and decomposes very quickly (less than two months) to create compost.

Our Sugarcane or Bagasse clamshell is the most sustainable clamshell packaging on the market. These clamshell food containers are plastic-free – made from a blend of reclaimed bagasse pulp and plant fibres. Bagasse clamshells are available in several sizes and with compartments.

Corrugated Clamshell Boxes

These corrugated boxes are more strong, durable and impact-resistant than cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Clamshell Boxes

These cardboard boxes for food are simple and sturdy – perfect for packing a full meal on-the-go. Our paper boxes for food are suitable for home composting.



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