Cardboard Food Trays Sydney

If you are looking for the best cardboard food tray in Sydney, then you have come to the right place. A cardboard food tray is a great way to serve any kind of takeaway foods. These trays are available in white and brown in various dimensions. You can choose your cardboard food tray according to your needs. These trays are made from sturdy cardboard and are have an elegant look.

The cardboard trays are very easy to handle as opposed to conventional serving trays. These trays are biodegradable and do not require any cleaning. The cardboard trays can also be recycled as they are made from natural cardboard material. Cardboard food trays make serving easier and hassle-free. They are apt for serving even for a small gathering or party. Their classic design and simple look make them efficient and the best suitable serving option.

The cardboard food trays are widely used for bakery products, cakes, chips, BBQ, combo snacks, sweets etc. The sidewalls of these trays protect food from slipping. These trays are extremely popular in takeaway outlets in Sydney. These eco-friendly cardboard food trays are very popular in Australia as they are very easy to use and manage.

AT Pack specialises in providing superior quality cardboard food trays in Sydney. The dedication to providing the best packaging solutions at the most competitive prices gives AT Pack an edge over other companies in this industry. Browse through our entire range of brown cardboard food trays, white cardboard food trays now and order the most suitable food trays for your business.

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