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Are you looking for plastic cups that would not only be robust but would also ensure that the liquid poured in it is preserved in its best form? Well, buy PET plastic cups with lids. We Atpack, are Sydney based wholesale food packaging suppliers ensuring the best packaging for your food and beverages. We take care of every need of the clients to ensure safety and hygiene in all aspects.

Being in the industry for years, we have successfully been able to create a complete solution that will help our clients to streamline their process of purchase and storage. With several eco-friendly foods and retail packaging products, we are the wholesale suppliers of plastic PET cups and clear cups with lids and at the most competitive price. In addition to this, we excel in customer service.

Our Success Story

Since the day of our inception, our priority has always been to serve the market base with all types of requirements. Hence, with the help of a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we have modified our services as per the requirement. Our service traits include:

  • Supply of top-quality pet cups and clear cups with lids

  • Affordable price

  • Products available in assorted designs and sizes to meet your requirement

  • Streamlined ordering process

  • Hassle-free delivery of the products in no time

  • Hygiene and Safe PET plastic cups with lid serving every purpose and occasions

What makes us Different from Our Competitors?

Since the day we established ourselves as number one wholesale food packaging suppliers, we never turned back. Thanks to our broad customer base as well. With their support and genuine feedback, we, the professionals at at pack, have always tried to improve our services and stock of products.

We have believed the importance of establishing a friendly and open client-supplier relationship. Our professionalism is incomparable to none, and therefore we enjoy the support of hundreds of reputed and established cafe chains and fast food centres in and around Sydney. We are also equally efficient in organising catering, mostly small to medium.

Quality has Always been Our Pillar

Since the first day of the establishment of Atpack, we have been unfailingly supplying quality PET plastic cups with lids and clear cups with lids. All these years, ‘quality' and ‘affordability' has been synonymous with us. We care for you all, and this concern has helped us reach to the farthest of the food stores, clubs and pubs, bars, gyms, cafes, confectionary stores, and other places.

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PET Plastic Cups- Features & Specifications

We store products that would be useful for you and more importantly useful for your customers. Hence, at Atpack we provide exceptional choice in plastic PET cups with varying size and design. We have 8oz to 24oz Clear PET Plastic Cups at the best price in the pack of 1000.

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We an extensive range of plastic cups to suit all your requirements and those of your customers. If you require further information on our plastic cups get in touch with us for more details.




Be Kind to Yourself and the Planet With Our PET Cup Options

We offer packaging solutions to the hospitality industry. Whether you source disposable food and beverage containers for a café, confectionary store, or fast food outlet, we offer the PET cup, globally recognised for food safety and recyclability. This cup is also solid and durable for use in bars, pubs, and clubs.

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