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If you are looking for eco-friendly food packaging online, you need not venture further than us at the Atpack. When it comes to offering the finest bakery boxes, coffee cups, and wholesale takeaway containers, you can trust us to make it the most environmentally friendly ones. It is common knowledge that with the slightest change in weather, food can get spoiled. This is applicable when it comes to baked food items. It could happen because of excess heat and humidity in the environment. This is where our eco-friendly packing boxes, made from natural materials, plays a key role.

Food stays good for a long time

You can be sure that when you use our eco-friendly food packaging available to buy on online, your food will remain fresh for a longer period. This explains the tremendous demand for our bakery boxes, coffee cups, and takeaway containers wholesale. We always make sure that we are using environmentally friendly materials when making these packaging boxes. Functioning well when it comes to making sure that your food never gets affected by external elements.

No coatings or chemicals used 

Our eco-friendly food packaging online is fully coating free. At the same time, we do not use any chemicals to make sure that the natural and organic look of our boxes is changed. This is applicable for all the bakery boxes, coffee cups, and wholesale takeaway containers that you purchase from us. If you are serious about making your business a hit with the common buyers, packaging will always play a vital role. When it comes to packaging, we are your best choice for sure.

Truly eco-friendly products

The thing with our eco-friendly food packaging online is that you can recycle them, use them to make compost, or biodegrade them easily. This is one major reason why you should be buying our bakery boxes, coffee cups, and wholesale takeaway containers, and stocking them up for selling your food in. You can be sure that they would satisfy your customers in ways that you may not have even imagined, to begin with. 

Advantages of buying from us

We can give you many other reasons for buying our eco-friendly food packaging online. They may be counted as below:

We supply our bakery boxes, coffee cups, and takeaway containers on a wholesale basis

  • We provide you discounts when buying in bulk

  • We provide you design support for free

  • We do not charge money for dyes and plates

  • We can offer you customized styles and sizes

  • Our offset printing is of the highest quality possible

  • Our prices are competitive

  • We supply free shipping

So, now you have all the reasons you need to buy these products from us.


Eco Food Packaging


Do Everyone a Favour With Eco Food Packaging

The retail and food industries heavily rely on keeping food safe and uncontaminated in the best way possible before it reaches their customers. The vast range of food packaging available can be overwhelming, but you can’t go wrong with eco food packaging. Do the planet, your customers and your business a favour by going green and choosing compostable food packaging.

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