Name: White Glossy Laminated Paper Bags

Colour: White

Description: Our White Glossy Laminated Paper Bags are made out of quality paper and feature twisted rope handles. It is great for a variety of occasions, such as gift bags, sample bags and shoes bags. Gloss laminated paper bags are made from art paper and are extremely strong. Different sizes provided.

Package Detail:


Product Code Description Dimensions (mm)  ( H * W * G) PCS/CTN  
  BAG202-B   Baby 200*160+90 200  
  BAG202-S   Small 250*200+100 200  
  BAG202-M   Medium 330*260+140 100  
  BAG202-SB   Small Boutique 225*300+100 200  
  BAG202-LB   Large Boutique 350*450+100 100  
  BAG202-L   Large 450*350+130 100  

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